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Kevin Murrell

National Trainer

Kevin Murrell started in the automotive industry in 2010 in New York. Throughout Kevin’s time on the retail side of the industry, he worked for three different automotive groups and held various positions such as sales professional, training manager, sales manager, F&I manager and finally general sales manager. Kevin attributes his success in the automotive industry to his previous 10 years in sales. “With a background in marketing and communications, I was able to apply that knowledge to the role of a salesperson to develop a system that works for automotive branding and marketing in order to self-generate endless prospects, as well as referral generation” stated Murrell.

As a member of the Automotive Training Academy team, Kevin is passionate about helping sales professionals achieve the same levels of success, regardless of their background or experience level. Through the extensive study of the psychology behind selling, Kevin is able to help sales professionals identify the ways people buy and sell and how to utilize that knowledge for success in the ever-changing automotive industry. Kevin achieved many accolades for volume sales, walk-around competitions and high CSI during his retail automotive career. His unique background in sales allowed him to consistently rank in the top of the leaderboard in the district and region as well as become one of the top volume salespeople in the United States for one of the largest manufacturers.