Your customers are always looking for the next mobile breakthrough. They want endless upgrades, instant trade-ins, phone insurance, technical support and fast repair — and they want it today. That’s why there’s Assurant. We free your customers to live more fully-connected lives, and your business to grow faster and go further. Protecting 38 million mobile devices worldwide, Assurant helps families and friends stay connected. More than just mobile device protection, Assurant helps your customers get the device they want, get it fixed and make the most of their technology.
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The Rise of Consumer Expectations

Consumers are expecting more than ever below and our research shows us that it will only continue to increase. Take a look at our infographic on how consumer expectations are changing and discover how you can create a competitive advantage.


We keep good company.

Partnering with 6 of the top 10 connected living brands in the world, Assurant is a global leader in mobile device protection and support. Our mobile partners are located throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia.

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One partner. From beginning to end.


Boost customer loyalty and elevate your brand.