Visit our virtual booth and we’ll donate to the NADA Foundation Emergency Relief Fund

Join Assurant at the NADA 2021 virtual show

With NADA going virtual this year, now is the perfect time to have an online conversation with our team of experts about reaching your profitability goals. And for every dealer that drops off a virtual business card Assurant and the Assurant Foundation will  donate to the NADA Foundation Emergency Relief Fund to help automotive employees affected by natural disaster.


5 things to talk about when you meet with Assurant

  • Driving customer loyalty with Pocket Geek Auto
  • Aligning your dealership training with current and future market needs
  • Optimizing your digital retailing strategy to drive more revenue 
  • Increasing PVR through process improvement and performance management
  • Maximizing revenue with industry-leading F&I products

To learn more, schedule an appointment or drop by the Assurant virtual booth.

The Assurant Solution Portfolio: A Preview

Assurant is a new kind of partner, offering a comprehensive range of products, programs and support for dealers of all sizes throughout the retail automotive industry.

Third Party Administrators (TPA)

Get more than just an automotive protection product underwriter. Get knowledge, technology, data-driven insights and superior service that will help your business succeed.

Automotive Training Academy

Help every member of your team drive PVR and customer loyalty with proven F&I, sales and compliance training. Our expert trainers build skills that deliver results with courses online, in the classroom or at your dealership. 

Assurant Global Automotive

Get protection programs, services and training that help you exceed customer expectations, optimize operations and unlock tomorrow’s value today. 

Assurant Agent Services

Positions agents, and their dealers, for success with innovative F&I programs, training and trusted support. 

F&I Digital Engagement 

From F&I digital best practices to research-based product videos and brochures, help your customers understand the value of F&I protection and increase attachment rates. 

Reinsurance Participation

With all five participation models, we help you amplify returns. From long term investment strategies to cash flow improvement, we have the right model for you. 

Assurant Dealer Services and American Financial & Automotive Services Inc..

The F&I performance partners with transformative products, processes, training and participation that help you reach your PVR and profitability goals. 

Pocket Geek Auto

Increase repeat business and provide a better customer experience with a mobile app that connects you directly to your customers’ mobile devices. 

F&I Products

Offer your customers protection that meets their specific needs and maximize every opportunity to increase PVR and overall revenue. 

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New Industry Research: F&I’s Role in Digital Retailing

After rushing to implement ways to drive F&I sales online early last year, dealers across the country are now deciding which digital retailing tactics will be most impactful for their businesses moving forward. To help dealerships solidify an approach that drives PVR and net profitability, the Assurant team conducted nationwide consumer research on the role of F&I in the digital retailing process.

Take a look at our initial research findings to help your team:

  • Explore the online F&I marketing tools needed to address consumer needs
  • Understand what 92% of buyers want to learn about F&I products online
  • See the data on which digital retailing resources customers want most 
  • Learn what messages turn online car shoppers into buyers
  • Discover 4 common mindsets of online customers

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