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Where you live, whether you own or rent, is your home. It’s where life happens, where you make memories. Assurant helps you protect your home, and all the precious belongings in it. So you and your family can sleep well at night, no matter what you call home.

  • Renters/Apartment Insurance

    You don’t have to own a house to consider the place you live home. Assurant Renters Insurance allows you to protect your belongings if they are stolen or if your rental unit is damaged in the event of fire, smoke, water or explosion. We also provide additional living expenses if your unit is uninhabitable.

    Our policies also help you affordably meet the liability insurance requirement within most leases. We offer a simplified process for renters to purchase insurance, with minimal underwriting questions. In fact, you can purchase a policy in less than five minutes. Protect yourself, your belongings and your peace of mind with Assurant renters insurance.

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  • Flood Insurance

    Flooding can occur after just a few inches of rain, and the average residential flood claim costs more than $38,000. You can protect your home with federal flood insurance from Assurant. With agents in all 50 states, we administer flood policies on behalf of the federal government and underwrite policies based on FEMA/NFIP regulations.

    If you ever need to file a claim, our agents have the experience to guide you through the process as simply as possible. In your most challenging time, we’re there to make sure you’re both protected and supported.

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  • Manufactured Housing

    Manufactured housing can be more vulnerable to damage than other housing. Assurant’s manufactured housing insurance is a comprehensive physical damage and liability program. It’s designed to protect your manufactured home and its contents. The policy covers direct, sudden or accidental loss or damage.

    We offer competitive rates and a simplified application process, with minimal underwriting questions. We also offer a fast, easy claims process. Assurant can help provide the security you need when it comes to your manufactured home.

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  • Lender-Placed Insurance

    Lender-placed insurance is a safety net for homeowners and mortgage lenders.

    If your homeowner’s insurance lapses or is cancelled, a lender-placed policy ensures you’re still protected. Whether fire, severe weather or other misfortune, lender-placed insurance policies typically cover repairs and the replacement cost of the home, not just the unpaid mortgage balance.

    As the nation’s leader in lender-placed insurance, Assurant understands how important it is to safeguard your home at all times.

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  • Disaster Mortgage Insurance

    When a disaster strikes, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to make your mortgage payment. An unforeseeable event such as a flood, fire, hurricane, windstorm or job loss can happen. First Protector® mortgage insurance coverage through Assurant can help you plan ahead.

    With coverage offered in most states, First Protector is a supplemental homeowner’s insurance program that provides coverage that’s typically not included in a traditional homeowner’s policy. We’ll be there to help protect your financial well-being and further safeguard your home.

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  • Mortgage Solutions

    Assurant also provides title, valuations, field services and mortgage technology solutions.

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