Instant Virtual Extranet for Assurant Employees

Select your business affiliation to login to your primary VPN Gateway.

In cases of technical difficulties or scheduled maintenance you may not be able to connect to your primary vpn gateway, in that event you may return to this page and try one of the other links that will direct you to backup vpn gateways located at other Assurant sites.

NOTE: This page is intended for Assurant employees only. If you are not an Assurant employee, please use the Vendor, contractor or non-Assurant Employee Access page.

Assurant in New York - Primary (Woodbury Gateway)
Assurant in Woodbury - Primary (Woodbury Gateway)
Assurant Employee Benefits - Primary (KC Gateway)
Assurant Health - Primary (Milwaukee Gateway)
Assurant DRMS - Primary (KC Gateway)
Assurant Solutions - Primary (Miami Gateway)
Assurant Specialty Property - Primary (Atlanta Gateway)
Assurant European Gateway - Primary (Windsor, UK)
Assurant Asia-Pacific Gateway - Primary (Beijing, CN)
Assurant in New York - Backup (KC Gateway)
Assurant in Woodbury - Backup (MKE Gateway)
Assurant Employee Benefits - Backup (WBY Gateway)
Assurant Health - Backup (WBY Gateway)
Assurant DRMS - Backup (WBY Gateway)
Assurant Solutions - Backup (Atlanta Gateway)
Assurant Specialty Property - Backup (Miami Gateway)
Assurant European Gateway - Backup (Atlanta Gateway)
Assurant Asia-Pacific Gateway - Backup (Atlanta Gateway)

Note: CORP Employees (including ACT) please use the VPN link affiliated with the business unit or location you belong to.


PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE PRIOR TO PROCEEDING. THIS IS AN ASSURANT SYSTEM. Assurant provides this system - including all related equipment, networks and network devices - for Assurant business purposes. This system may be used only by authorized Assurant employees and contractors, and other users specifically authorized by Assurant to do so. By using this system, you are subject to having your activities monitored and recorded by Assurant for business and other lawful purposes, including those to ensure authorized access to Assurant information assets. By using this system, you explicitly consent to the terms of this notice and the policies, standards, guidelines, processes and procedures set forth by Assurant, including such monitoring and recording. Evidence of unauthorized use collected during monitoring and recording may be provided to law enforcement officials. NO EXPLICIT OR IMPLICIT RIGHT TO PRIVACY EXISTS WITH RESPECT TO THE USE OF THIS SYSTEM
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