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Assurant Solar Project Insurance

Assurant Solar Project Insurance offers phase-specific coverage that allows commercial solar developers to simply and easily qualify, launch and protect more projects.

Designed for projects in the 100kw to 3MW range, we offer comprehensive protection - without excess coverage and inflated costs.

Assurant's bundled solution satisfies key lender and investor requirements while giving you a single point of contact for any issue with your system - from lightning strikes to manufacturer defects.


Available as soon as solar projects are formed, liability insurance provides complete protection throughout the entire project life cycle of the Special Purpose Entity.


Beginning at the installation phase, property insurance covers damage resulting from natural perils or electrical/mechanical breakdown, as well as related expenses such as fire department charges.

Warranty Management

Assurant Solar Project Insurance's unique single-source warranty management provides claims authorization, payment and management of any claim - on any piece of warrantied equipment. Assurant stands behind the manufacturers' warranties to assure project finance partners that cash flows will be protected.


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