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Group Disability

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Long-Term Disability Insurance

Insurance coverage that provides policyholders financial protection in case of a long-term disability.

Assurant Employee Benefits offers a variety of group (three or more people) long-term disability plans designed to help employers protect their employees’ income, family and quality of life in the case of a long-term disability. Assurant Employee Benefits has a strong history of combining greater claimant assurance with an emphasis on recovery and return to work.

Short-Term Disability Insurance

Insurance that helps provide policyholders financial protection when income is temporarily interrupted or terminated because of illness, sickness or an accident.

Assurant Employee Benefits’ short-term disability plans offer group (three or more people) coverage that protects employees from a temporary loss of income and provides employers with an extra measure of cost savings should one of their employees become disabled for a short period of time. Assurant Employee Benefits short-term disability plan leverages return-to-work incentives and rehabilitation programs traditionally desired in a long-term disability plan.

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