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Assurant Solutions businesses develop, underwrite, market and administer specialty insurance, extended service contracts, vehicle service contracts, wireless protection and other risk management solutions through collaborative relationships with leading financial institutions, retailers, automobile dealers, funeral homes, utilities and other entities. With operations in 25 locations, including executive offices in Atlanta, Ga., Assurant Solutions serves clients and their customers in 12 countries throughout North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Products and Services

Assurant Solutions' broad array of product offerings includes:

Competitive Strengths

Through its alignment with industry leaders, Assurant Solutions has established market leadership positions in debt protection administration, credit insurance and extended service contracts. Assurant Solutions has distribution relationships with major general purpose credit card issuers and some of the world's largest consumer electronics and appliance retailers.

Additional Company Information

The business now known as Assurant Solutions began with the acquisition of American Security Group in 1980 by AMEV Holdings, Inc. which later became Fortis, Inc. In August 1999, Fortis, Inc. acquired American Bankers Insurance Group, Miami, Florida, and merged its operations with those of American Security Group, forming Assurant Group. The business was renamed Assurant Solutions in February 2004 after Fortis spun off its U.S. insurance operations through an initial public offering. Fortis, Inc. was re-named Assurant, Inc. The businesses that now make up Assurant Solutions have more than 120 years of combined experience in the specialty insurance industry.


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