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Assurant Employee Benefits

Assurant Employee Benefits provides employer-sponsored benefits programs, including long- and short-term disability, dental, term life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance. The company also offers voluntary (employee-paid) dental, disability and term life product solutions.

Serving Employers

Assurant Employee Benefits focuses on employer-sponsored programs for employers with typically between 20 and 1,000 employees. The company also writes programs for employers with more than 1,000 covered employees when they meet a standard risk profile. Assurant Employee Benefits distributes its products primarily through approximately 180 group sales representatives located in 34 offices in or near major U.S. metropolitan areas.


Group Disability Insurance

Assurant Employee Benefits’ disability benefits allow employers to protect their employees financially when a disability occurs and helps employees get back to living a productive life as soon as possible.

Group Term Life Insurance

Assurant Employee Benefits offers employers a choice of plans; the amount of coverage can be based on a multiple of earnings, flat amounts or a combination of the two.

Group Dental

Assurant Employee Benefits, which in 2001 expanded its portfolio of dental products with its acquisition of Protective’s Dental Benefits Division, offers dental coverage that focuses on preventive treatment at minimal cost. Assurant Employee Benefits’ dental products include:

Group Voluntary

Assurant Employee Benefits offers the following voluntary (employee-paid) products:

Competitive Strengths

Assurant Employee Benefits is a market leader in group dental benefit plans sponsored by employers and funded through payroll deduction based on number of subscribers and based on the number of master contracts in force. Assurant Employee Benefits is also a leading provider of disability and term life insurance based on number of contracts in force.

Additional Company Information

Assurant Employee Benefits has offices nationwide and is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Assurant Employee Benefits became part of Assurant in 1991 with the purchase of Mutual Benefit Life's Group Division, founded in 1845.


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